Film Still
Ron Abram: Märchenbrunnen, Solo Exhibition at Rise Berlin

Ron Abram: Prints, Animation and Sculptures at Rise Berlin Gallery

NeuKölln, Berlin, Germany, July 12- July 27th, 2013

Film Music by Ato Myca

Märchenbrunnen Test Animation: Wolf

Early Test Footage: Etching Puppet and iMotion

Habitats (excerpt) 2001

Sullivant Theatre, OSU Department of Dance, Columbus, OH
Burke Black Box Theatre, Denison University, Granville, OH
Links Hall, Chicago, IL
LeFevre Hall, OSU-Newark, Newark, OH
Capital Theater, Ohio Dance Showcase, Columbus, OH
Performers: David Beadle and Sandra Mathern
Visuals: Ron Abram
Music: Claudia Queen
Habitats was created in 2001 in collaboration with visual artist/printmaker Ron Abram, dancer/ improviser David Beadle and musician/composer Claudia Queen. Using tightly defined environments and converging images from the social, organic and imaginary worlds, Habitats mixed four media (dance, music, visuals, set and light design) in an evening-length performance work. The video documentation of this work is of poor quality (low light levels) and does not show the work well, thus this is kept to a short excerpt to give a sense of the work. Slide projections on large hanging scrims were brilliant in resolution and color. Ron Abram improvised with the projectors, shifting slides, fading from one to another and projecting on multiple surfaces of varying proportions. Likewise, the music and movement were also improvised. This early work in performance improvisation was funded by the Ohio Arts Council, Arts Midwest Meet the Composer fund, OSU-Newark performance series, Links, Hall, OSU Department of Dance, Ohio Dance, Target Stores and the Alford Center for Service Learning.

Film Still
Film Still

Attention Horse Berlin

Attention Horse at Schokoladen, July 7th 2014

Landing in Berlin for the first time, this trio of lost aliens have arrived on our earthly terrain to probe and scavenge our aural consciousness and collective memories. With Lixicut Cruxaal (siren), Axpegg Baxobatar (drums) and A.T.O. Myca (machines) making up the band, Attention Horse stays true to its name with an animalistic approach to Electronica, including visuals and sounds that speak to a world of tomorrow, fashion, sexuality and our own inextinguishable planetary melancholia.

Video by Ron Abram